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Safety Protocols for Travelers in Nepal

Hello and Namaste, Welcome to Nepal! Safety Protocols for Travelers in Nepal!

This is to inform all wide travelers, bringing you good news Nepal is getting back to normalcy. The country is ready to welcome all travelers, after a hazard of Covid-19 that affected all countries. 

Interested travelers to Nepal and its various Himalayan destinations, can visit the country supported by medical documents. To prove that you are sound and healthy and free from the invisible coronavirus. Although Nepal has a few number of Covid-19 victims, at present well-controlled bringing down to a minimum of the invisible coronavirus.

After a month of Lockdown in the midst of 2020, most restrictions have been released and lifted off. To welcome all wide-travelers to visit for refreshing Himalayan holidays and adventure, however, there are few obstacles that travelers should be aware of.

As per Nepal Government rules and regulation related to medical and health against Covid-19. Where travelers needs a week extra time in Nepal to follow the medical norms, before departure to your Himalayan destinations.

To enjoy and as well to make your holiday safe, enjoyable and worth-while in Nepal Himalaya. The Ministry Department Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation has set a guideline for interested foreign visitors to Nepal.

The norms for safe traveling in Nepal include SOP (standard of procedures) and safety protocols. Which hast to maintained strictly against the spread of Covid-19.

We have listed important information on security and health protocols to be maintained so that you can enjoy your holiday in Nepal.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Safety Protocols for Travelers in Nepal :

Before leaving your home country for Nepal, important that you obtain a tourist visa from the concerned Nepalese embassy or consulate. Stationed in your country around main cities. In case, if there is no time or facility to obtain an entry visa for Nepal in and around your country. We at Trekking Planner will help you obtain a pre-approved visa if necessary.

As well as a supporting letter for visa approval, to assist you from the hassle. 

In such cases, we need your personal documents to process for a Nepalese Visa with authorization by Trekking Planner. As well any other local travel agency will immediately take action so that you will obtain the visa on time.

On arrival at Kathmandu International Airport, you will be requested to submit documents as listed below at the Immigration Department.

Most important with medical proof that you are free, and negative from Covid-19 test, which should be not less than 72 hours before reaching Nepal

Including a Nepalese Entry Visa or a transcript signed by the authorities proving that you have received advanced approval for your visa.

Other necessary papers are that you carry Travel Insurance, covering Covid-19, worth a minimum of US$ 5, 000- per person.

After your arrival, on completing the immigration formalities and then transfer straight to your hotel for the mandatory quarantine. Staying isolated for a week with all room services and expenses shall be borne by oneself.

On the fifth day, you will attend for a check-up with PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) copies of a specific DNA sample, for medical lab test of a small portion of DNA that amplify it to a large enough amount to study in detail.

Where one needs to arrange for the test by visiting a clinic that has a PCR testing facility. It is compulsory that you stay in your hotel room until the final report.

As you get negative results, then you are free to travel in and around Nepal and choice of Himalayan destinations.

If you are found with a positive result, must isolate yourself and remain under strict quarantine for a certain period. Until you get two negative reports from PCR tests.

Other documents which are important that you purchase a special travel insurance covering COVID -19. The amount should be not less than US$ 5, 000 per person, which you need on applying for a visa.

As well for an approval letter from your local agent, one must present the document of required COVID-19 insurance.

Other expenses of NRS. 1, 00, 000. (Hundred Thousand) must be deposited as COVID-19 insurance for the guides and field staff in Nepal as required for the trekking or climbing peaks and other adventures. The insurance policy for staff and guide will be arranged by Trekking Planner.

After getting a negative result, you are allowed to travel around Nepal but must follow the health and safety measures. As per the Ministry of Health and Population.

The present rules and regulations stated above regarding Covid-19 can be flexible and much easier in near future. As per the Nepal Health Ministry associated with WHO.

More Information regarding booking a trip and visa approval:

Enthusiastic travelers, who have been isolated or stayed indoors for a long time, with many countries with Lockdown might got bored. As well as feeling nostalgia to be free to travel abroad where air is nice and pleasant. Nepal can be the right choice for a refreshing break with an enjoyable holiday.

When you book with Trekking Planner, we will assist you with all your requirements, as well as for approval of visa application.

We need the following documents to support with your visa to travel in Nepal:

Photocopies (colored) of your Passport. Details of International Air Flight, as well Travel Insurance with Covid-19 coverage costing a minimum of US$ 5,000, we will arrange hotel as per your choice and budget, room accommodation from simple tourist class, 2-3 star or deluxe.

Please mentioned your duration of your holiday in Nepal, and let us know the trek or travel of your interest. As well as the number of people involved traveling with you for the trip, friends, family, or relatives.

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