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What an amazing trip and great guides-Nirmal and Suraj! Awesome trekking company, very professional and especially Dipak's attentiveness was above and beyond! Everything was on point and well organized! EBC was the first of many trips to come for me with Trekking Planner. I am coming back in April for another destination and hopefully again next year!!! Thank you for everything!


Amazing trek with this company!! I wouldn’t do it with anyone else. Our guide Nirmal was the best!

This company goes above and beyond! They think of every detail and take care of all the trekking needs including accommodations, food, water tablets, medical emergencies, etc. Our guide Nirmal was extremely familiar with the trail, he was attentive - making sure everyone was taken care of, made us laugh the entire way, gave great advice/tips/recommendations for a successful trek, generous (carried some of the day packs up when they were feeling tired), encouraged us and more! I was so impressed with how well thought out everything was and I loved that I didn’t have to worry about the details and all I had to do was show up. The other guides and porters were all just as fun, thoughtful, and accommodating. I would highly recommended these guys for the EBC trek!


Best trek in the world

In March i completed the Everest High Pass trek with Trekking Planner and had all the support i needed from Trekking planner from planning the trip, to arriving in Nepal and then completing the trek. I had an amazing guide in Gyeljen, whose knowledge of the area was the best! This meant I was able to make it over the passes when many other groups didn't due to the weather. He helped with all the accommodation and provided great advice to help me deal with the altitude and very cold weather as these were a new challenge to me. The whole team and Dipak were very welcoming and funny and this meant the trek and then the visit to Chitwan afterwards was one of the best experiences of my life! Would highly recommend and planning to return sometime soon.

Sam B
United States

Best Guide for trekking in the Himalayas

Everest Base Camp is such an amazing trek, but to have the best, kindest and funniest guide, who encouraged our team all the way and back, made my trek extra special. Nirmal Lamichhane your knowledge of all the mountains are incredible and you knew everyone on the trek. Watching you interact with the rest of the guides, they clearly have great respect for you. You are a natural leader. You are ambitious and know where you want to be in the future and I applaud you for studying while doing treks and taking people up into the mountains. I enjoyed your stories and games along the way especially the last 2 hours before reaching Namche when it was up, up and up (your way of saying it is very steep). When I fell ill and gotten worse you were there all the way alongside me to help and encourage. The morning after reaching Base Camp when I was faced with being evacuated from Gorakshep, you told me that you believe that I could finish the trek and you would be there all the way if I choose to do so. Seeing the helicopter leave was hard but you believed in me and it made all the difference. Thank you so much. Nirmal carried my bag on our decent in order for me to be able to breath better (I had bad flue, borderline bronchitis). Out of his own pocket, he bought us Fanta, lollypops, gum .... anything to lift moral on the last day down to Lukla. Our group had such fun with Nirmal. If ever you need a guide, Nirmal is the perfect man for your trek. He does varies treks into the mountains, not only to Base Camp. Mountain expert, clued-up with flights to/ from Lukla, knows everyone and teahouses, can help with last minute gear, great knowledge about altitude sickness and knows how to take great photos (and how to pose, lol). TrakkingPlanner and Travel Her Way are very lucky to have Nirmal as a guide. The organising of my trip was great. Before leaving the UK, all my emails were answered promptly. Collecting from the airport, great accommodation in Kathmandu and the tea houses we stayed at on our trek was great. We were taken to a welcoming dinner at a local Nepali restaurant. What an experience. They also arrange for a farewell dinner back in Kathmandu - all included in the price. The care and detail was appreciated. Fruit and biscuits at dinner while on the trek- and the guides carried all of it all the way. Taking our oxygen levels after every meal to make sure we were in great shape. All in all I had the best experience! Thank you Trekking Planner.

Janettie W

I have just had the best travel experience of my life.

What a trip! What a great buch of guys at Nepal Trekking Planner! Dipak and his team made my trip so easy, simple and enjoyable - I can't still hardly believe it. I felt totally safe and fully supported - which was a big thing for me as I was unsure how the high altitude would affect me. I needn't have worried as my guide Ananta and porter Ganesh were brilliant - really helpful, patient and firendly. Every night my blood/oxygen saturation was checked which gave me real confidence. Not many of the guides from different agencies were doing this which suprised me a little. I had 16 days in the mountains and enjoyed every minute. As things became harder or easier, my intinery was flexible with Ananta very willing recommmend alternatives and to make changes to suit. This made a real difference and I really felt that I got the most from my trek. I'm not one for recommending and over-praising but Dipak, Ananta and Ganesh all went the extra mile to make it all very special indeed. Well done guys and (funds permitting) see you next year!


Brilliant service

Just finished the EBC trip with Trekking Planner. Brilliant service from Prajol in Kathmandu who covered my every need with cheerfulness. My guide on the trek, Sudip, was excellent throughout ensuring I made it to Kala Pattar despite a severe headache. He was great fun and was ably supported by Damact (?) as my porter. All in all I really aprecated the service from Dipak and his team and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Graham H
United Kingdom

Manaslu Circuit trekking October 2019

Our Manaslu Circuit trekking was organized by Trekking Planner in Kathmandu. Deepak, the owner did great job taking care of all details so it was fantastic experience for us! We spent 14 days in the mountains, for us quite difficult trail but everything was organized so well with all needed information, accommodation in tea houses, super great food and people who took care of us on the way. We do not forget our guide Ramesh Pun very knowledgable, helpful and always smiling. We highly recommend this company for all your trekking needs. Andrew and Krystyna

Krystyna K

Everest base camp trek October 2019

Had the best experience trekking in the Himalayas with trekking planner. Our guide was Nirmal, he was always positive and encouraging. He was definitely one of the reasons we made it to base camp and back. Our porter was Roshan, he is kind and incredibly hard working. Trekking at high altitudes is extremely challenging, we would not have been able to complete this trek without the help and encouragement from our trekking planner team. This was the trip of a life time! If I ever return to the Himalayas to complete another trek, I will definitely request Nirmal and Roshan to be on my trekking team again. Could not have done it without them!


Average service

I went to Everest Base Camp in August 2019. EBC was my best life experience so far which I will never forget. It is sooooooo beautiful. As a female solo traveller, I truly felt "safe" with my guide (Ramesh) and the porter. Ramesh is a great photographer who helped me to record all those beautiful moments, the porter was such a helpful, friendly young guy who always had a smile on his face and helped me every morning to pack the sleeping bag which was not his duty and I am thankful for. A few areas of improvement for the guide (Ramesh). 1) On the way back to Namche which we supposed to have lunch there, I suddenly found myself alone in the mountain, the guide just left without even telling me, I even could not see him from far, he just disappeared suddenly. I was frustrated and panic somehow, after a long walk when I reached the restaurant we supposed to have lunch (the same restaurant that we stopped 3 days ago) the guide was there and was enjoying his drink!!! He did not even bother to explain or apologize for his action. Still, it is not clear to me why he did that! 2) At EBC we took a photo with the company banner, in which was written Kala Patthar!!!, which we did not even go to! On the way back, I found out that it was only 2-3 hours more walk to Kala Patthar which if I had more information about this, I would definitely be wanted to go. It is the saddest thing about my trip. I regret that I could go to Kala Patthar and we did not! :( 3) He felt his job is done after we reached EBC because he changed a lot in attitude and his service! e.g. in Kathmandu airport, he left me alone with my heavy backpack and was talking on the phone and disappeared! I was running after him with a heavy backpack at a crowded airport and he did not even care about me to help or at least wait for me to reach him! I found it rude. 4) The guide kept justifying (lying!) about things. E.g. in some hostel/tea houses, I requested a room upstairs, and he could just say our estimated budget is x and I can not upgrade ur room, (that I could understand or I could pay the extra fee myself for a better room) instead he was like, the rooms are full (the whole hostel was empty on that season) or the upper floor is not good, next day I asked the hostel manager and the second floor rooms were slightly (2$) more expensive! shocking, I wish I had the option to upgrade my room and I could pay the balance myself! another example was a museum in Namche which he said it is closed! so I did not go, and at night, people were telling me about that museum which they went THAT day. He needs to be more honest, and less stingy! 5) The last day plan was to help me to buy some souvenirs and then to visit a temple in the evening with another guide. I asked if he can company me for lunch first, he said he already had his lunch! so we started shopping, after 20 minutes, he kept looking at his watch, 100 times per minute, I asked if he is in rush, he said "Yes, I am going to meet my friends for lunch!", I felt so offended by his attitude and asked him if he wants to go now? he gladly left without asking with me if I know how to return to my hotel, and disappeared in a blink of an eye! I got lost and confused there and later I texted the tour manager and cancelled the other tour, I told him I am going to meet my friends!!! but the fact was I disgust his behaviour so much that I did not want to meet any of such guides anymore. I explored the city by myself happily on that day "alone"! 5) And many more but the word limit does not allow me to write more... As InterNation ambassador who has organized many international events, and as a foreign lecturer who is dealing with lots of international students, I gave him many suggestions and advice which I hope he employs, and indirectly I recommended him to change his job to a hostel manager or sth, I did not find him passionate or self-motivated at all! the role of the guide is not to walk ahead to people follow you, it is something more than that! He needs to learn to be a good listener, many times he replied something that proven me that he did not even listen! He is a good human but not a great guide. Ramesh does not have my recommendation at all.

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Excellent service from Sudip, Gelu and Dipak – Highly recommended!

I booked a 13 day Everest Base Camp trek online after finding that Trekking Planner were the only company offering dates that matched my leave. Prior to booking, Dipak answered all my questions efficiently via email. He didn’t ask me for a deposit when I booked, which I initially thought was unusual but I now see is just another example of the high standard of service offered. The whole trek was very well organised from start to finish. I was particularly impressed with my guide, Sudip, and porter, Gelu. They were very friendly and put my safety and enjoyment of the trek first at all times. Sudip regularly checked my oxygen levels and advised me what was safe to eat and drink so I didn’t get sick at any point. He was also very knowledgeable regarding the culture and history of the national park, and just good fun to spend time with. He was always on the lookout for a good photo opportunity and I’ve got a memory card fun of silly (and some sensible) photos to show friends and family. There were times when we needed a change of plan, such as my flight from Lukla to Kathmandu being delayed for weather, and Sudip knew exactly what to do and supported my throughout. The trek itself is challenging but well worth it. The altitude is not to be underestimated, and the terrain is very challenging. It is not a gradual climb on the way up, and a steady descent on the way down. There are points where you need to descend to the bottom of a valley to cross a river, then climb back up again. So there are steep climbs going both ways! However, the views of Everest are amazing and you’ll get a really sense of achievement from reaching Base Camp. I was also surprised how much is included in this package, compared to what other companies are offering. You get all airport transfers, full board while trekking (you pick one menu option and one tea/coffee per meal off the menu at each teahouse), and a welcome dinner. And there is no deposit and I believe you can cancel up to 24 hours before if required. Overall this is excellent value for money.

United Kingdom
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