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Communication service in Nepal

Telephone services:

Mobile phone and landline services are available in Nepal. Landlines are mostly in Kathmandu and some other major cities. Mobile service is available in most areas of Nepal with the exception of rural Himalayan regions. Furthermore, hotels and private communication centers also provide telephone services and fax facilities.

Postal services:

The Central Post Office is located at Sundhara, Kathmandu near Dharahara. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. expect Saturday and other national holidays. It provides following services:

  • Express Mail Service (EMS)
  • Parcel Service
  • Post Box Services & Online Post Box Service
  • Postal Banking Service
  • Letters

Internet service:

Nepal has Internet services in Kathmandu and other major cities. Many hotels and restaurants now provide Wi-Fi. Also, there are many internet cafes in major cities. Visitors can be easily keep in touch with family and friends from most cities. However, services is limited or does not exist in remote areas.

Radio and Television services:

Many local F.M. stations operate inside Kathmandu and other part of the nation. International BBC News, as well as International FM exist in Nepal. Television services now offer a few international channels. Hotels as well as some rural areas have TV.

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